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What is Voip?

If there’s one thing virtually every business needs, it’s a phone system. Whether it’s for sales calls, communicating with distributors, or customer support, it is essential to have some form of business phone network. A professional-grade phone system can make a small operation look big to its customers. It can also make a statement about how seriously you take your business; nothing looks more unprofessional than a main phone number no one ever answers, or an out-of-date voicemail system.

Many businesses are now choosing to use Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP communications. Any calls made via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype are classed as VoIP calls. VoIP telephone systems are much easier to manage, administrate and much less expensive. Simple to install and highly adaptable, these systems are great for growing businesses. Just plug and play the VoIP desktop or cordless handsets to add users or to operate away from your main location just plug and play anywhere you have broadband and the phone behaves as a normal office extension.

A VoIP system comes with enhanced functions like a smartphone and advanced call handling features.

Along with app-based ‘softphones’, you can also supply your staff with physical headsets or handsets, which operate just like traditional phones.