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  1. Save money – The savings start straight away with  Hosted VoIP. With FREE on-net calls to UK landlines and mobiles and cheap international rates, costs will be falling in no time.

  2. Peace of mind – A  Hosted VoIP system is low risk, delivering greater business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in the event of fire, flooding, electrical or network outages with multiple data centres and failover systems. Telephone numbers are backed up if things do go wrong and the best-in-class security and high-quality fraud prevention doesn’t just cap the impact of fraud, it kills it.

  3. Boost Productivity – Nowadays, offices aren’t just based in one location and people work from multiple places. To be efficient, a robust, reliable communications system needs to be in place. And that’s where unified communications come into play. Moving to  can help you evolve as the technological world does providing you with constantly maintained, secure platform, that won’t let you down.

  4. Take control – FREE calls to UK numbers means fixed monthly bills so you always pay the same. The adaptability of the system allows you to seamlessly upscale or downscale. Call recording and call reporting keep you legal and efficient. Your business can present local and national numbers irrespective of the number of sites and geographical location.

  5. Don’t get left behind – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. PSTN will be gone by 2025, so the move to VoIP telephony will be inevitable. Out on the road, working at home – in fact, wherever they are, your team will be able to take the office with them. Instant messaging, availability view and collaboration tools on mobiles ensures everyone can stay in touch and keep working from anywhere. And there’ll be an increase in productivity and performance. In fact, the market for unified communications is growing at a CAGR 25 per cent year-on-year and productivity gains is the number one factor in the purchasing decision.